7 Traits to Look for in a San Bernardino Car Accident Attorney

car accident lawyer traits

Were you recently injured in a car accident in San Bernardino, CA? If so, it’s smart to have a qualified and experienced lawyer by your side.

A car accident attorney can help you file an insurance claim, complete all necessary paperwork, and fight for the compensation you need to heal and reclaim your quality of life.

Yet, not all attorneys are created equal. It’s important to make sure you’re working with the right legal team for you. Today, we’re sharing seven car accident attorney traits that indicate the team you’re speaking to is competent, reputable, and skilled for the job.


1. Transparency

When you hire a car accident attorney, you should know exactly what to expect. This includes having a clear understanding of all of the legal fees involved.

Most personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee structure. This means they do not get paid unless you win your case by receiving a settlement or a judgment. At that time, they will take their fees as an agreed-upon percentage of your total compensation.

While this is a common approach, not every lawyer will follow it. It’s important to clarify the payment terms up-front.

Your lawyer should be transparent with you from the very beginning, so there aren’t any unexpected fees or other surprises along the way. In addition to the initial percentage agreement, they could charge for other, extra expenses such as paperwork and filings. If this is the case, they should let you know about those expenses far in advance so you have time to prepare for them.


2. Experience

It isn’t enough for a lawyer to simply possess legal expertise. The attorney should also have specialized experience in personal injury law, preferably in your state. This means they’ll know how California traffic laws work, and what your rights include.

If they’ve worked on similar cases in the past, it’s easier for them to understand the cause of the accident, prove fault, and help you achieve the maximum payout you deserve. An attorney who specializes in family law, business law, or criminal law might be skilled, but their industry knowledge isn’t well-suited to your case. By sticking to personal injury lawyers only, you can ensure a stronger fit.

Ask each prospective lawyer to discuss their legal background, and make sure that car accident claims are in their wheelhouse before moving forward.


3. Friendly Demeanor

Car accidents can cause more than physical injury. They can also compromise your mental and emotional well-being, often leading to emotional distress and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As you’re going over the details of the collision, you need to feel 100% comfortable with the lawyer who’s listening.

If they’re friendly and welcoming, you’ll feel more at ease. This will encourage you to share more details, which could help your case. On the other hand, a lawyer who acts rudely or minimizes your concerns can have the opposite effect. Your account of the accident is a critical one and you need to be able to share it without reservation.

When you hire a lawyer, pay attention to the mood they project. Even the most qualified and capable lawyer isn’t the right fit if you clam up and get nervous every time you meet together.


4. Solid Reputation

Studies show that 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members. What does this mean for your car accident case?

It means it’s time to go online and search for feedback! Every professional law firm will have a dedicated website, and many will have entire pages devoted to reviews and recommendations from past clients.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, go ahead and ask the attorney directly. Most are more than happy to share about successful cases they’ve won, especially if the details are similar to yours.


5. Action-Oriented

A great attorney isn’t just knowledgeable, they’re also pragmatic. This means they’ll be able to establish a plan of action and clearly communicate it to you in a timely manner.

You won’t be stuck waiting by the phone or refreshing your inbox every 15 minutes. They’ll work promptly and professionally at every turn. As soon as you hire them, they’ll get to work gathering evidence related to your specific case.

They’ll know the next steps you need to complete to make the process as efficient as possible, such as visiting a physician to treat your injuries and communicating with the at-fault party’s insurance company. They’ll also request a copy of the police report and start working through the details of your case.


6. Communicative

You should never have to wonder where your car accident claim stands. A successful lawyer knows that client communication is essential, and they’ll keep you updated throughout the claims process.

As they explain the legal processes to you, they’ll do so in a way that’s devoid of industry jargon or complicated language. They’ll explain what’s going to happen in simple phrases that are easy to understand. If they refuse to do so, this can signal a lack of respect.

A good lawyer will listen to your concerns and make sure you understand everything fully before moving on to the next step. They will not make a decision until you’re fully on board.

7. Compassionate

Compassion is one of the key traits that any attorney should have, but it’s especially important in a car accident attorney. A car accident can be one of the most disturbing and difficult events you’ll ever experience, and you need someone who will listen and be understanding of all your concerns.

While it’s important to make sure your lawyer is skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable, don’t skip over this critical soft skill. It’s much easier to work with a lawyer who’s genuinely concerned about you, in addition to your case.


We Have These Car Accident Attorney Traits

After a car accident, hiring a lawyer might seem like a daunting task. You may be tempted to hurry the process and choose the first firm you find on Google.

However, it’s worth doing your due diligence.

If your attorney doesn’t possess these key car accident attorney traits, it can negatively affect the outcome of your case. When you need legal counsel following an accident in San Bernardino, contact our team first.

Our law office has the experience, skills, and reputation to help you earn the maximum compensation for your claim. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how you can be compensated following a car accident.

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