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A Truck Accident In San Bernardino, CA?

San Bernardino, California is known for having the most concerning truck accident rates in the United States. In fact, San Bernardino is ranked as the state with the highest number of accidents and fatalities caused by truck collisions. Indeed, millions of vehicle accidents occur in California each year, resulting in billions of dollars in losses...

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Uber Accident Lawyer San Bernardino

Uber/Lyft accident lawyers are critical to securing compensation from the responsible party. A simple app like Lyft or Uber can make hailing a ride easy, but accidents aren’t that easy to handle. Uber and other ridesharing firms may refuse to fulfill a claim if the drivers are uninsured and you are left without any recourse...

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Car Accident – Not Your Fault

There are more than 223,000 people injured in California car accidents every year. Additionally, 3.104 fatal car accidents occur annually. Depending on the circumstances, the afflicted party can usually file a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim. However, residents of San Bernardino County may not be aware of their legal rights or how the...

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