How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer for Your Case

car accident lawyer

Car accidents took a $474 billion toll on the United States economy recently. Accidents are as costly as they are dangerous, and can have long-lasting effects. It’s a huge area of civil law, and it’s important to understand what to look for whenever you need the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

So, what should you know? Let the tips below help you out when you want to hire a car accident lawyer that can provide the legal help that you need.


Learn Their Background and Areas of Specialty

Start by knowing who your car accident lawyer is and why they chose this area of law as a career. Even when practicing the same area of law, different attorneys will have different motivations and areas of focus.

For instance, many lawyers specialize in protecting low-income clients from being taken advantage of in the legal system. Others work with commercial clients, truck drivers, or rideshare professionals. In doing your research, figure out what the car accident lawyer specializes in so you get the direct type of assistance you need.

Each area of car accident law comes with certain details and considerations. Choose an attorney whose specialty closest matches your needs.


Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

The free consultation that you book with a lawyer will tell you the most about them. Book a private lawyer consultation so you can ask all of your important questions and learn more about the law firm.

Some questions that they can answer during the consultation include:

  • Their professional opinion on whether or not you’ll win your case
  • How long they have been practicing law
  • Whether your case is better to settle or try in court
  • Finding out which attorney will oversee your case
  • Learning about their negotiation skills

This consultation will help you learn all you can about the attorney before putting pen to paper and signing a working agreement.


Compare Their Reputations and Reviews

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Browse the law firm’s reviews and consider its reputation before making a hire. There are plenty of online review sites that can help you in your research. Look at sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and browse their reputation in the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Ask the law firm to provide you with references as well. Any firm that has lots of verified references likely has a great reputation in your local community and in the legal community.


Find Out How Much They Charge

Learn how much the law firm charges before signing an agreement. With civil cases and car accidents, this is a percentage-based fee, rather than an out-of-pocket cost.

Car accident lawyers charge contingency fees anywhere between 25% and 40% in most cases. Learning the amount that they charge upfront will prevent you from being caught off-guard. If the lawyer can maximize how much you get paid, there’s no reason not to hire an attorney that charges a higher contingency fee.

But make sure that you compare contingency fees between a few different firms so you know that their rates are fair and that you’re getting the best monetary return from their services.


Ask About Your Likely Outcome

Choose a law firm that is honest with you about the likely outcome of your case. Consult with a couple of different car accident law firms and examine what kind of prognosis each of them offers.

An attorney that is realistic and optimistic is better than one that either oversells their ability to help you or has an overly negative outlook on your chances. With your own research and a comparison of legal opinions, you’ll have a better idea of where you stand and can find the lawyer that can deliver the best possible outcome.


Hire an Attorney That Provides the Attention You Need

Even the most skilled lawyers aren’t ideal if they don’t provide the attention that you need. Car accidents are as emotionally taxing as anything, so sometimes you need the help of a lawyer who will pick up the phone and put your mind at ease by answering your questions.

If a lawyer is a poor communicator or doesn’t have the level of professionalism you’re looking for, keep looking elsewhere until you find the right fit.


Maximize Your Compensation

Examine the amount of money that the lawyer is seeking in your case. Car accident cases come with damages related to emotional pain and suffering, medical injuries, pain management, loss of income, and other factors.

Select an attorney that will give you the biggest possible payout within reason. Make sure that they are providing a long-term outlook for your case, securing the money that you need for rehab, recovery, and getting back on your feet.


Gauge Their Organizational Skills

A car accident lawyer should always be organized and productive. Consider the cleanliness of the office, how detail-oriented they are, and other clues that let you know the type of firm that you’re getting.

They’ll need to be as organized as possible to push your case, provide evidence, and ultimately help you get your maximum payout.


Consult With a Car Accident Lawyer

car accident attorney

Get the help of a car accident lawyer that can make the biggest difference for you. The more you know about car accident law, the easier time you’ll have to address your case and find the right attorney to take over.

Let Arrowhead Accident Attorneys steer you in the right direction. Send us a direct message or give us a call at (909)677-2674.

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